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Factors impacting patient cooperation during elective gastroscopy
1. Cooperation during gastroscopy is poor in a considerable number of examinees and poor cooperation sometimes causes incomplete study.
2. Cooperation during gastroscopy is more likely to be poor in young people, obese people, women, those with hiatal hernia, and those who received sedation.
Identification of distinctive clinical significance in hospitalized patients with endoscopic duodenal mucosal lesions
1. Nonspecific duodenitis are frequently detected; however, in some cases, these duodenal lesions are related with clinical significance.
2. Secondary duodenal mucosal lesions associated with specific pathogenesis such as inf lammatory bowel disease, cytomegalovirus infection, autoimmune diseases are commonly found in young inpatients and appear as panduodenitis or postbulbitis.
Masked inherited primary arrhythmia syndromes in sudden cardiac death patients accompanied by coronary vasospasm
1. Inherited primary arrhythmia syndrome (IPAS) were not uncommon in sudden cardiac death patients having coronary vasospasms and might serve as the underlying potential for lethal complications.
2. IPAS, especially with horizontal/descending ST segment-type early repolarization and Brugada type electrocardiograms (ECGs) were associated with increased mortality and major clinical events.
3. Meticulous and careful evaluations should be considered to further elucidate hidden or subclinical IPAS in patients, including serial follow-up ECGs and electrophysiology studies.
Geographic and demographic variabilities of quantitative parameters in stress myocardial computed tomography perfusion
1. Stress myocardial computed tomography perfusion (CTP) in patients without coronary artery disease shows higher quantitative parameter values (myocardial attenuation, transmural perfusion ratio [TPR]) in the lateral wall of the left ventricular (LV) myocardium and lower quantitative parameter values (myocardial attenuation, TPR, myocardial perfusion reserve index) at the basal level of the LV myocardium.
2. Stress myocardial CTP in patients without coronary artery disease shows higher attenuation of the LV myocardium in women than in men.
3. There is a significant correlation between the attenuation of the LV myocardium and certain clinical variables, namely, age, body mass index, and Framingham cardiovascular risk score.
4. Consideration of normal variabilities in the quantitative parameters of stress myocardial CTP caused by these geographic and demographical parameters will be useful in the assessment of CTP.
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Volume 32(5); September 2017
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